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Mgr. Michal Janči, RSc., MBA

CEO, owner

You only become successful in the real estate world when you understand that being a real estate agent is not just a job. It is a combination of lifestyle, belief and continuous personal growth associated with lifelong learning.

I'm also trying to set up my team like this. I believe that the professionalism associated with the focus on the result is the right way to success.

From November 2019, I also started working as a lecturer at the Slovak Real Estate Academy, where I teach a course on "Real Estate Marketing".

My motto is "Success begins with strategy" and that is why it is important to have the right partner who will help you with a successful strategy in the real estate market.

I am very glad that for the third time in a row my team and I managed to win the award for the Best Real Estate Agency of the Year - the Absolute Winner.

personal web: michaljanci.com

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