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The first impression is very important when selling or renting. Our company will help you prepare your property to make a good first impression. The real estate prepared in this way will certainly please potential clients and the sale or rental will be even faster. Professional cleaning and cleaning and preparation of the property improves the impression of offices, accommodation facilities, apartments and houses. It goes without saying that we meet the individual requirements of each of our clients. We can flexibly adapt to your requirements. Our goal is to save you time and money.

What is home staging?


In short, it is about preparing the property for sale with an emphasis on design and effective presentation. People often make decisions based on the first impression a person makes within 7 seconds at the beginning. Professional photography and video surveillance will then leave a strong emotion in the buyer. And it is the awakening of positive emotion in the buyer that is the cornerstone of a successful real estate sale.

How do we proceed with home staging?


We have two certified professionals in the team to prepare the property for sale, focusing on interior design and home staging. They shall propose a procedure and evaluate whether:

1. cleaning, space lighting and painting
2. repairing equipment and getting rid of unnecessary things
3. exterior modification
4. effective interior furnishings

What do we use for home staging?


What do we use for home staging? Each property is specific and that is why different accessories are used to prepare each staging. We buy our furnishing items in Slovakia, but also abroad. We always prepare a "tailor-made" interior.

Home staging and sales of new buildings


Preparation for the sale of an unfurnished new building is usually more difficult. The task is to show the buyer the potential of the space and at the same time make it cozy. Our team will help you in this case as well, thanks to which you will sell your property at a higher price than if it were unfurnished.

What is the result of home staging?


  • Statistics say that properties that have undergone such a form of preparation - home staging, will sell up to 50% of the time faster than those without it.
  • The sale price of the prepared property will increase by more than 6% compared to the unprepared property.
  • The offer of your property will be different from other offers, it will attract more people interested in real estate portals.
  • Professional photos and video will leave a stronger first impression on the buyer.