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Member of the Real Estate Union

Bosen Group is a full member of the Real Estate Union. The Real Estate Union brings together quality and professional offices on the territory of the Republic of the Republic of Moldova. Each member has the priority to provide first-class service.

As a member of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic, we are governed by the Real Estate Code:

Honesty / Expertise / Cooperation

Bosen Group and every member of the office performs honestly, in accordance with good morals and honest business relations, always acting in its own name and on behalf of the commercial company it represents. The service is always provided professionally, conscientiously and responsibly. Bosen Group always manages to secure the trust of the client and those with whom it comes into contact.

The Real Estate Union has a sophisticated system of cooperation between members that includes clear cooperation rules, a unique internal information system, and oversight over fairness (the Disciplinary Board of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic), the time of sale of your property is significantly shorter. Members will provide information to each other and save you from unnecessary reviews. Members of the Real Estate Union of the Slovak Republic must pass a professional examination. They are regularly trained and know how to save you from unserious buyers or speculators on the real estate market (we share the so-called Black list - the list of risk persons to be protected by clients).

Members of the Real Estate Union use sophisticated internal systems and procedures:

  • how to correctly determine the sale price of the property
  • how not to be pressured by negotiation
  • how to get the highest amount for you from selling or renting

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