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Interactive 3D virtual tour

The current situation regarding coronavirus and COVID-19 is serious and we take it with absolute respect. Security comes first in the current period of pandemic. We bring you a new service in which health protection is ensured in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Office of the Slovak Republic. We have eliminated the risk of meeting more people in a small space.


Ján Hámorský

We bring you the Interactive 3D Virtual Tour service as the FIRST REAL ESTATE AGENCY thanks to the cooperation with the professional real estate photographer Ján Hámorský, who brought this technology to Slovakia.

Interactive 3D virtual tour


We have combined a 3D virtual tour with screen sharing on any device, whether it is a PC, smartphone or tablet. With our real estate broker, thanks to this service, you "walk" around the property safely, from the comfort of your home, all in real time. You can both control the virtual tour and not only see but hear each other.

Benefits of an interactive virtual tour

  • Maximum security
  • Comfort and time efficiency
  • 2D and 3D floor plan of the property (interactive 3D model)
  • Screen Sharing and Live CHAT

Screen sharing - interactivity


The advantage of interactive inspection is that the installation of any application or program is not necessary. Through screen sharing, the broker will "guide you" around the property. Not only you, but also the broker has the ability to control the interactive inspection so that you see everything the other does on the screen. Communication takes place in spoken word, but also in Live chat in the form of text. Several people can join the virtual tour at once. Your parents or friend can be added with one click.

How we will proceed?


The solution of the business and its procedure is standard, including homestaging and thus professional preparation of real estate for rent or sale. We adhere to the highest hygienic standards. Our broker, photographer and all members of the BOSEN team are equipped with gloves and a protective veil. The physical inspection of the real estate will be performed only by the applicant who has completed the virtual inspection and is therefore perfectly acquainted with the real estate in advance.

Online marketing

We will prepare a structured offer advertisement that is understandable for a potential client. The real estate offer will be advertised on all Slovak real estate portals: nehnutelnosti.sk, topreality.sk, bazos.sk, byty.sk, novostavby.sk, realityplanet.sk, AReality.sk, onlinerealitnenoviny.sk, regionalne-reality.sk, predajprenajom.sk.

We send an e-mailing real estate offer to our internal database of potential clients.

Social networks

We will make your real estate offer visible in the form of paid advertising not only on Slovak real estate portals such as nehnutelnosti.sk, topreality.sk, but also on the social networks Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedln.

We currently offer the Interactive Virtual Tour service in the following locations:

Bratislava region, Nitra region, Trenčín region, Trnava region

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on the phone number +421 910 777 796 or via e-mail: info@bosen.sk