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Mgr. Ivana Sovová

real estate agent

"Find the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They kind of already know who you really want to become." (Steve Jobs)

That's exactly how my journey into the world of reality began. As a project manager in a factoring company, where I gained a lot of experience with legal processes over several years, learned how to negotiate with high-ranking representatives of companies as well as ordinary people, and managed a team of people who achieved great results in this work, one day I sitting in an empty office in the early evening over a pile of papers, she felt it was time to move on. Time to step in a different direction, even at the cost of losing the built-up managerial position and the feeling of security in the form of regular income that this job gave me. However, she took away the most important thing (for me) – the ability to control my time and coordinate my personal and work life during the day. I always performed my work with maximum commitment and precision, I knew how to set my priorities and achieve the set goal in such a way that there was satisfaction on both sides of the transaction. That's why it's no different with this job either.

I gained my initial experience with real estate when I bought my first apartment and thus went through the entire process of acquiring real estate on my own. It was not only about the safe process of getting the keys to my own apartment, when I felt for the first time what it is like when a person handles a larger amount of money, but also about creating a feeling of home in general. So I created the interior myself according to my ideas. I knew, that is, my heart and intuition told me even then that it could be "the job for me", because I enjoyed the whole process from paperwork to hanging the last picture on the wall.

For a while I also thought about taking an interior design course, but since I am an active person and after my previous jobs I no longer wanted to spend most of my time in the office at the computer again, I chose the path of a real estate agent. My day has been different since then.

I first worked for a developer, where I learned and solved the project of construction and sale of family houses in the vicinity of Bratislava, from obtaining a building permit, approval decision to the sale itself. Later, by coincidence (coincidences do not exist :), I became a member of the Delta Property real estate agency when selling my own apartment.

I handle the papers, banks and offices where I'm "at home". I meet a lot of new people on viewings who tell me their stories and reasons for buying a property. Some become my friends and acquaintances during the process, who are always happy to refer to me again and again. I look forward to the handing over of their new home with the clients, when I always remember the feeling when I was happily jangling the keys to my own apartment.

But last but not least, I am excited to work in a team full of great people. Each of us excels in a different area and fulfills our function in the team perfectly. We complement each other, we transfer experience and skills to each other, we support each other. We became not only colleagues, but also friends. That's why I feel I'm in the right place...

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