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Mgr.art. Nora Žalúdeková

estate agent

Architect & Realtor
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With experience from studying abroad (USA & DE), after successfully completing the Bilingual Gymnasium (with a diploma from ANG_B2-C1) in Liptovský Mikuláš and architectural studies at AFAD in Bratislava with an additional studio of photography (Canon) and graphic design (Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw) ),she worked in the architecture studio JANREVAJ_architects  (@janrevaj_architects / janrevaj.com) focused on luxury housing and urban planning using parametric modeling tools (Rhinoceros/Grasshopper).

She is currently fully engaged in the real estate business at Bosen Group, declared the best real estate agency three years in a row (according to the Real Estate Union).

Its goal is not only to be an intermediary in the purchase or sale of real estate, but also a reliable adviser in the construction, renovation or equipment of real estate in the areas of material composition, layout, design and overall quality of living.

She grew up in the environment of a family construction company (@orol_stavebniny www.stavebniny-orol.sk) in Liptovský Mikuláš, which gave her the basis of understanding building materials, the studio at AFAD in turn improved her sense of aesthetics and creative processing of space. She acquired a sense of detail at (@lab.cafe / lab.cafe) where she worked as a lecturer of modern technologies such as laser, plotter, cutter and 3D printing.

As a graduate, she studied according to the curriculum for bilingual grammar schools. She can communicate adequately in her mother tongue, she was intensively prepared linguistically to obtain the B2 to C1 SERR level in the English language, and at the same time she acquired skills for communication in another foreign language at the B1 to B2 SERR_German level. He knows how to apply and has acquired basic skills in the field of ICT for his further development. He can choose appropriate methods of solving problem tasks and come to their solution constructively and cooperatively. He is aware of and applies basic humanistic and Christian values. He can set goals for himself with regard to his professional interests, he knows how to critically evaluate his results and actively approaches the realization of the set goals.
She uses the basics of science literacy, which enables her to make scientifically based judgments. He is aware of his responsibility as part of teamwork. He knows how to apply social feelings in interpersonal relationships.

Nora is a goal-oriented architect who believes that integrity, belonging and honesty are the foundational building blocks of every good business.

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