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Ing. Natália Herškovič


My name is Natália Herškovič and in my professional life I had the opportunity to go through various working and "non-working" periods - working in a corporation, "expat" living abroad, working as a consultant in the field of insurance, during which I seamlessly transitioned to the position of a real estate broker.
It was during this work that I discovered the feeling that one of the greatest victories in a person's life is when he "finds himself", he dedicates himself to work that gives him meaning, fills him with a sense of satisfaction and at the same time gives a feeling of happiness and satisfaction to the people who stand on " the opposite side", in this case, the client.

The added value of every job is also an innovative company environment with professional management and colleagues who are equally passionate and determined to work and cooperate.

I found it all in BOSEN GROUP.

With my maximum pro-client approach and enthusiasm, in cooperation with the professional team of BOSEN GROUP, you bet on security, whether in search of your desired home or real estate for investment.

I'm looking forward to working together!

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